Emirates Airline

Emirates is a large airline based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates located in the middle eastern region. The airline commenced operations in October 1985 and is 100 percent owned by the government of The United Arab Emirates.

Emirates currently serves as the largest airline within the region operating thousands of flights daily to all continents except Antarctica. It is also the fourth largest airline worldwide and has a separate division solely for cargo operations called Emirates SkyCargo.

Being backed by such a wealthy government, Emirates has grown rather quickly to become one of the best airlines in the world with little plans of slowing down growth.

Fleet Information

Currently, Emirates fleet consists of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s. With around 260 airplanes actively flying and another 220 on order, Emirates is seeking to dominate air travel in the region.

The simplicity in fleet choice by operating just two aircraft types allows the airline to run more efficiently. Maintenance, crew training and finding parts becomes much simpler and less costly.

On the other hand, this can cause less flexibility in some markets due to the large seat capacity of the aircraft they operate. Both are twin-aisle widebody aircraft with the smallest seating capacity of the fleet being 266 seats. In markets with less demand they will have to think creatively on ways to ensure planes are filled as much as possible.

Cabin Crew

The cabin crew of Emirates are highly trained and always maintain a high standard. This consistently places Emirates high in airline rankings every year.

Emirates has a highly multinational and diverse group of flight attendants with well over 100 nationalities represented.

You can potentially be on a flight with flight attendants from
Australia, Egypt, Spain, Germany, The United Kingdom, India or Japan. Each usually being able to speak multiple languages.

With a large network of destinations, having a diverse group of flight attendants such as this allows better connection with passengers and creates a unique work environment.

However, at the forefront safety is primary and the most crucial role cabin crew plays. Along with safety demands dress standards are very high. All attire details are carefully chosen. Everything from the skirt length and shade of lipstick is specific.

Emirates flight attendants also treat all passengers with the utmost of care regardless of economy, first or business class. Often dubbed the best airline in the world, one can see why.

Seat Capacity

The Airbus A380-800s that Emirates operates has a few different seating configurations. On some aircraft it seats 399 in economy class, 76 in business class and 14 in first class. Whilst on other configurations it seats 557 in economy class with 58 in business class. These two configurations can seat anywhere from 489 total passengers up to 615.

As mentioned earlier, Emirates also operates the Boeing 777
but uses three variants of that aircraft type. They currently operate the 777-200LR (longer range), 777-300 and 777- 300ER (extended range). These 777s can carry from 266 total passengers up to 428 passengers usually with 42 of out the total intended for business class and 8 for first class.

Baggage Allowance

When it comes to checked baggage allowance, Emirates gladly shows why they consistently earn the highest airline ratings.

Economy passengers can check in up to 35kg depending on the ticket. business class is allowed up to a generous 40kg whilst first class passengers are allowed up 50kg. More interestingly is that no matter what class you’re in, you can check in up to 10 bags once they are within the weight limit for that class.

For carry-on baggage, you’re allowed two in first and business class whilst in economy class only one is allowed. Both checked and carry-on baggage are subject to certain size and dimension limitations. Luckily, Emirates provides a dedicated portion of their website for figuring out the best way to pack your luggage.

In-Flight Entertainment

Emirate’s award winning in-flight entertainment is a versatile system. The system is highly connected with Live TV, a vast collection of programs, music, movies and games. The in- flight entertainment system also offers programs with beginner courses that teach the language spoken at the destination.

Emirates Airline Review

Wi-Fi is standard on most aircraft giving you the option to send emails, text messages and even make calls whilst airborne. A 13.3-inch display and nifty remote allows you to view your flight in real-time, there’s even a built-in USB slot where you can plug in your device to view or listen to your own files.

Emirates Airline Review

The system is known as ICE standing for Information, communication and entertainment. It certainly will keep you from getting bored on your journey.

Food & Beverages

An airline like Emirates has no problem boasting its shower spa on-board the A380s. It would make sense then that it would also have a superb collection of wine, champagnes and liquors from the finest brewers worldwide. Champagne is even free to economy class passengers.

Meals are prepared by brilliant chefs creating recipes fine tuned to stay tasty and flavorful even at 35,000 feet. Also, delectable snacks are provided intermittently throughout the flight to keep your hunger satisfied.

Destinations & Flights

Currently from its one hub in Dubai, Emirates connects passengers and cargo to over 140 cities in 75 countries across 6 continents. They serve 12 airports in the United States, the highest number of airports out of all the countries they serve. India is second with 9 of their airports being served.

Emirates also has a strong foundation within the Southeast Asian region. China alone has 5 airports that Emirates flies into. This region helps to connect Dubai together with more destinations worldwide helping to place them ahead of their Middle Eastern competitors.

Airline Fares

Emirates is without doubt a premium airline offering the best in class service. A one-way economy class ticket from London Heathrow to Dubai, a popular route can sometimes start at
$480 U.S. whilst business class can be around $3300 U.S. and first class around $4700 U.S.

For an airline of such quality and attention to detail one could expect to pay a premium price. However, that isn’t to say that special offers and deals cannot be found.

Ground & Customer Service

Any great airline would also boast an extraordinary frequent flyer or customer loyalty program. Emirates is no different.

Emirates Skywards allows customers to quickly earn miles that can be redeemed for special offers within the airline and with their partner airlines and luxury hotels.

Even better is that if you are Skywards Gold member or flying first class or business class, you can use the Emirates Lounge. In this airport oasis, you can comfortably get something to eat from their gourmet buffets and relax with peace of mind as opposed to the chaotic activity in the main terminal waiting area.


Emirates is known for high-quality customer service and giving passengers pleasant, memorable experiences that are worth sharing. Also, they stay up to date with new, highly advanced aircraft that offer great amenities and have impressive range.

Coming from a country of such a high standard of living it is not a surprise that the same standard is transferred over to the experience given to passengers.

One could go as far as saying Emirates is the only airline that makes even economy class sound desirable.