Etihad Airways

After Emirates, Etihad Airways is the second biggest airline in the United Arab Emirates, it began its operations in 2003, and its hub is located in Abu Dhabi, serving over 120 destinations for commercial and cargo use (more than 10 destinations are flown to by Etihad freighters.) It is operating over 1000 flights each week, these destinations are approached with a fleet of 123 aircrafts, 78 Airbus (5 used for Cargo), 45 Boeing (5 used for Cargo).

Etihad carried over 14 million passengers in 2015. It also operates Etihad Holidays, Etihad Cargo, and has its own alliance founded in 2015 called Etihad Airways Partners, which includes Niki, Air Serbia,  Jet Airways, and Air Seychelles.

In 2016 Etihad Airways was rated 5-stars by Skytrax, and only a small amount of airlines have achieved this special rating.

Etihad Airways UAE

Fleet Information

35 Airbus A320 family, 24 Airbus A330 family, 4 Airbus A340 family, 10 Airbus A380, 16 Boeing 787-9, 24 Boeing 777 family, also 5 Airbus A330 Freighter, 5 Boeing 777 Freighter is currently in use for Cargo.

Future Fleet Information

The future Etihad Airways fleet includes 62 Airbus A350, 26 Airbus A320NEO family, 55 Boeing 787 family, 25 Boeing 777 family, 1 Boeing 777F.

Sky view - Etihad AIrways

Cabin Crew

The Etihad Cabin Crew is truly multicultural coming from 115 different countries to serve the passengers onboard, they are professionally trained to satisfy the needs of the passengers, also to ensure their safety. Their role is to create a comfortable environment on both short and long-haul flights for the passengers, and their uniform is surely showing how professional they are, as its very unique, and all flight attendants are well dressed, and sharp-looking.

Seat Capacity

Etihad seat capacity ranges from 191 to 240 Economy seats, and 22 or 32 Pearl Business on the Airbus A330, 8 Diamond First on the Airbus A330-300, depending on the configuration used.

Airlines use different configurations to make sure the aircraft can be well filled, and all seats are used up, to ensure the comfort Etihad has 2-4-2 seat configuration in each row in Economy Class, on all of their Airbus A330 aircraft.

On their Airbus A340-500, they offer 200 Coral Economy,  28 Pearl Business, and 12 Diamond First, the longer Airbus A340-600 is configured to carry 316 passengers in total,  276 Coral Economy,  32 Pearl Business,  8 Diamond First.

Etihad Airbus A380s can hold up to 415 Coral Economy,  70 Pearl Business, and 9 First Class seats, on the lower deck with the Economy seats, and the upper deck with the Business and First seats.

Etihad Boeing 777 aircrafts are configured differently than the Airbus A330 and Airbus A340, similar to the Airbus A380 where each Economy row is configured to 3-4-3 seats, with the ability to carry passengers up to 384.

On the Boeing 777-200LR(77L) 239 seats are available, 191 Coral Economy, 40 Pearl Business, 8 Diamond First. The Boeing 777-300ER(77W) Three Class configuration can carry up to 330 passengers, 282 Coral Economy, 40 Pearl Business, and 8 Diamond First Class, and the Boeing 777-300ER(77W) Two Class configurations range from 340 to 384 Coral Economy, and 28 to 40 Pearl Business.

The Etihad Boeing 787-9 aircrafts are used with two different configurations, the first version can hold up to 195 Coral Economy, 28 Pearl Business, and 8 First Class passengers.  The second version can hold up to 271 Coral Economy, and 28 Pearl business passengers.

The smaller, narrow body Airbus A320 family jets can hold up to 174  passengers, 90 to 158 Coral Economy seats, and 16 Pearl Business seats on each aircraft.

Business Class - Etihad Airways

Lavatory - Etihad Airways

Baggage Allowance

Maximum weight and dimensions to and from Canada and the United States: 158 cm (length + width + height).

To and from other destinations: 207 cm (length + width + height), the weight of each baggage must not exceed 32 kg.

In-flight Entertainment

Etihad offers E-BOX for the passengers, with movies, TV shows, Live TV Channels (on selected flights), Audio, and Games, on selected flights WiFi is also available, which can be purchased using a credit card from 4.95 $, redeeming a voucher, or using an existing account with selected roaming partners.

All of the aircraft’s are equipped with in-seat power, to make device charging possible on-board, as well as mobile phone use (charges will be applied by the domestic mobile service provider similar to international roaming).

Flight Entertainment - Etihad Airways

E-Box Etihad Airways

Food and Beverages

Etihad onboard café services will make sure passengers don’t miss their coffee during the flight, also serve passengers with light snacks and tea, complimentary bar service offer wines, a range of beers, spirits, and of course soft drinks, Etihad in-flight meals are carefully made and selected for every class.

Before the flight, special meals can be requested for diets, religious reasons, or medical needs.

In Business class, Dine Anytime is available, with a range of options, menus inspired by bistros around the world.

For Etihad Airways First Class passengers, a unique dining option is available, inspired by the worlds leading fine restaurants, using only fresh ingredients while relaxing in a private suite and dine anytime. ,

Comfort In Air

In Etihad Airways Economy class, Etihad equips passengers with comfortable full-sized fleece blankets,  and pillows on longer flights.  On some of the ultra long-haul flights a Christian Lacroix sleepwear can be purchased for the fee of 35$ USD to make traveling more comfortable, as well as male or female Christian Lacroix kit for 22$ USD.

Etihad Airways Business Class

On ultra long and long-haul overnight flights free dental kits (toothbrush, toothpaste), as well eyeshades are available on request.

In Etihad Airways Business class, mood lighting, providing a relaxed ambiance, in-seat massage function, and personal lightning which can be controlled with a touch ensure the comfort of the passengers, on longer flights, passengers receive a limited edition kit equipped with a City Guide as well as a Scaramouche + Fandango skin care and amenity kit. On long distance day flights, toothcare kits (including a toothbrush and a toothpaste), night packs (equipped with socks, and an eye-shade), also on request a shaving kit, and earplugs are available for passengers.

Etihad Airways Business Class
Etihad Airways Business Class

In First Class, do not disturb is available to ensure a luxurious sleep in the air,  also an all-natural mattress with duvet cotton sheets, and pillows, a loungewear, pillow mist and pulse point oil, and night-time beverage. Special edition amenity kits designed by Christian Lacroix will make traveling more comfortable, luxurious skin care products can also be found in the First Class bathrooms and lounges, the kit includes:

Etihad Airways Business Class
Etihad Airways Business Class


Perfecting Lip Balm.

Face Moisturizer.

Nourishing Hand Treatment.

Destinations & Flights

Etihad Airways serves across Africa, Europe, The Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and The Americas, flying to over 100 destinations in over 50 different countries for leisure and cargo.

Airline Fares

A one-way Economy Class ticket from London,United Kingdom to Abu Dhabi can be purchased from $329 , Business Class from $4080,  and the Etihad First Class price is around $5001.

Ground and Customer Service

With Etihad’s Frequent Flyer Program miles can easily be earned, also the earned miles can be used toward an upgrade. As a welcome gift every customer receives 500 bonus miles on their first flight, also 55,000 bonus miles can be earned by taking out and Etihad Guest payment card, rewarding each customer up to 3 miles per US dollars spent. Ways to collect miles:

150+ Etihad Airways partners (hotels, restaurants, car hire, retailers).

Take any Etihad Flight to over 100 destinations.

Relax on Etihad Holidays.

Fly with over 20 Airline Partners.

Apply for an Etihad Guest Payment card to receive up to 3 miles per US dollars spent.

Register Etihad Guest number and credit card or debit card with My City Miles to start earning miles automatically while shopping, dining out, relaxing, or playing.

Etihad Airways - Abu Dhabi Airport


Etihad offers a high-quality service to all of their passengers traveling, and every passenger is important just as their needs. With a professional care, Etihad makes sure that air travel is as comfortable as possible for every age group, and every passenger in every class also offers a unique experience wherever their customers are heading to.

Sunset View - Etihad Airways