Manama – Bahrain Travel Guide

If you want to discover more about the Glamour of Middle East, so get back on the road for an amazing Middle Eastern trip this time to Bahrain, Middle East’s only island’s nation waiting for you to head towards this most awesome place in the heart of the Persian Gulf which is a welcoming open country for everyone. The word Bahrain means “Two-seas”. It is an island-based country surrounded by shining shore. Historically, Bahrain has the great influences of Greeks, Babylonian, Persian, Assyrians, and Arabs that you can find out when visiting this place.

Where is Bahrain Located? Everyone has little difficulty in placing Bahrain on the map because it is a little country situated on an island off the coast of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Bahrain Country is little funnier living mix spot for the Arabs natives as well as the Western Expats and also South Asian immigrants. Another FAQ for the tourists arises that is Bahrain safe? Yes, It is a friendly little middle eastern country, Although, many Saudis usually come over on weekends and do car drifting on Bahrain’s sand. Bahrain country has only a capital city Manama Bahrain. You will see the usual Arabic Language is being spoken by the people of Bahrain as Bahrain Language but due to the mixed nations, English or Persian can also be used to communicate.

Sight-Seeing Spots in Bahrain

Bahrain is famous for its precious pearl, a glamorous rich land that has been attracting millions of people for many years. Where to go in Bahrain in the night? An exotic range of sight-seeing spots for the people of Arab and around countries. As compare to UAE, Bahrain is just a small island having a single capital and nearer to Saudi Arabia so, Bahrain is always the first priority for the emigrants especially for the Saudis. Bahrain is one of the most famous places for the people who looks for a relaxing enclave having a number of interesting spots.

The tourists love to visit Bahrain entertainment places and the crumbling ruins of Ancient Dilmun civilizations. Although, you will find a lot of Bahrain places names to enjoy the attractions and monuments of Bahrain including the Fortress of Qalat Al Bahrain and hangout places in Bahrain such as Scuba diving spots and desert towns to experience a new adventure with fun things to do in Bahrain. Have you seen Bahrain most beautiful place? Al Fateh Grand Mosque has been one of the most favorite attraction for the tourists. Moreover, there is a long list of Places to visit in Bahrain Manama, Bahrain’s only capital city.

  • Oil Museum
  • Arad Fort
  • The Grand Mosque (AL Fateh Islamic Center)
  • Jebel Al Dukhan
  • Bahrain Yatch Club
  • Tree of Life

Nightlife in Bahrain

As compared to other states of the Arab, Bahrain is more socially liberal; the alcohol is legal even for the Muslims, it is the biggest reason why people throughout the different nations mark Bahrain as their first priority than other Gulf regions. You will find that Nightlife in Bahrain manana is more vibrant, the cause is why because Bahrain doesn’t belong to a single nation as it homes many of Western expatriates from Europe and South Asians other than Arabs. Therefore, Nightlife in Bahrain remains always on the top of the list of all the emigrants and tourists.

To Enjoy the glamour of Nightlife in Bahrain you first need to know about the basic Bahrain nightlife tips including a helpful Bahrain nightlife guide in today’s page. Although nightlife contains Russian Nightclub in Bahrain and nightclub in Juffair Bahrain, but the first tip is to get to know about Bahrain prostitute rates then listen to live Music because Music is what makes the nightlife more lively, watching the dance and listen to live music performances by trendy bands while enjoying your alcohol. The Third is to join the party wherever you see and the last one is hit the club with your best.

  • Apollo Club Bahrain
  • Salsabor Bahrain Salsa
  • Cash Lounge
  • Alba Club
  • Bushido

Travelling and Transportation

As Bahrain is a small island country so there is only one public airport that is the regional hub for Bahrain’s economy carrier. On the Bahrain visit, air conditioners buses for the tour around the famous attraction to see are organized by few companies. It is the easiest option for the visitors when they travel to Bahrain to get acknowledged about the Bahrain geography and its history without being lost.

It is kind an interesting thing that where is Bahrain located in the world. The location of Bahrain and its amazing lifestyle urge everyone to move to the Bahrain airport to the city. Taxis are in pretty number in Bahrain to provide you comfort while traveling with least price. The Taxis are easy to identify with orange marking and a name tag right above the roof with the standard rates of $2.10.  Apart from the public transport, in case if you want to reach immediately and easily, Just Rent a Car! English and Arabic is the most common Language in Bahrain that can make your communication better. Be ready to take your rides around Mana travel.

Travel Budget

Budget your trip smartly! Before travel to Bahrain make sure you have noted down all the cost of traveling including a complete cost of living in Bahrain. The average cost of wine and utilities is slightly less than the UK, but it is higher as compared to the Europe trip cost estimate.

For the ease of the tourists out there I am mentioning a short but effective Bahrain cost of living index for the main items you will need in your tour which include electricity cost in Bahrain that is $86.61 for three rooms apartment, rent for 1 room apartment in the city center would be $885.35 per month while on outer side would be $607.45 per month. Domestic and imported beer will be $9.27 per specific liter. Fitness club will be $77.12 for an Adult monthly and of course further cost of living is dependent upon your lifestyle

Food and Restaurants

If someone wants to taste Middle Eastern cuisine then Traditional Bahraini food will not miss any single chance to please you. Most of the restaurants from the List of restaurants in Bahrain has Falafel, Shawarma, Houmous and tabbouleh among the most rated food in the menu. Bahraini people also love the simple dish like meat and fish for the natural spices served with boiled rice for the traditional taste.  Because Bahrain is a multinational country so you can also find Asian Indian Restaurant in Bahrain and many other western restaurants with a smart range of delicious mouth-watering foods.

Bahraini cuisines have been liked by the locals as well as by the tourists also. Bahrain’s most favorite rice dish is “Machboos”. Machboos is most similar that I mentioned above, it is a fish or meat dish that is served with the rice just like the Indian Biryani. “Muhammar” is another rice dish that is served with sugar and dates. In the savory items “Samboosa” are very common that is a pastry stuffed with vegetable or meat Qeema.

  • Naseef Restaurant
  • Brasa De Brazil Bahrain
  • Gulf Hotel
  • La Vinoteca Barcelona
  • Meisei

Fun and Adventure

Did you ever visit Bahrain? If no, then you must love to enjoy fun things to do in Bahrain that contains Camel ride as a traditional transportation along with the Marine Corniche. Let’s discover more about tourist activities in Bahrain in this travel guide that will help you through new adventures at Bahrain entertainment places. What makes Bahrain’s emigrant more cheerful, have you ever wondered?

Spending a lazy morning at Al Jazeera, a beautiful stretch of beach enjoying a golden sun, shimmering sand, glazing blue water and clear blue sky and exploring the wildlife at Al Azeer Park in the afternoon. The glimpse of this kind of rare animals such as Oryx and gazelle that are almost extinct in Wildlife along with the fresh and protected environment makes the whole day refreshing. These two are the best-loved Bahrain entertainment places of the tourists and top-rated Things to do in Bahrain Manama.

  • Al Areen Wildlife park
  • Al Jazeer Beach
  • Al Dar and Bird Island
  • Marine Club

Luxury living in Bahrain

As we all know, Bahrain is the most liberal country for a living. As compared to the other states of Middle East, the dressing and the entertainment choices are a bit modern in Bahrain that is ideally perfect for the western expats. The Most Expensive house in Bahrain is Janubiya Villa. Janubiyah villa is among the Sotheby’s homes for sale that will cost $10,500,000 which contains a swimming pool, featuring landscaped garden and amazing outdoor places. Bahrain housing isn’t cheap especially when you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Four bedrooms villa for sale in Bahrain Saar will cost 2000-1000 BD monthly.

The following Bahrain states such as Riffa, Adliya, Juffair, Saar, Seef, Sanad and Isa Town offers a vast range of Bahrain houses for sale for the emigrants as well as international luxury homes for rent for the visitors and locals.

Markets in Bahrain

Bahrain Farmer Market is the most common souk in Bahrain. The main aim of this market is to promote Bahrain’s agricultural products and to make improvements in Farmer’s income to run the country’s economy well. As the weather of Bahrain is extremely hot so people of Bahrain like outdoor activities the most which includes shopping as well. A number of shopping outlets and Isa town farmer market in Bahrain boosts the public interest by Bahrain market offers, and so on. Keep it sure to get updated with Bahrain farmers market timing to buy fresh and quality food quickly.

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