Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village

The city of the old merchants have manifold things to do in Abu Dhabi that boasts impressive buildings and multiple options for those who want to enjoy relaxing days in a luxury destination. Known worldwide for its striking tourist attractions and impressive skyscraper area, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates since 1971. Also one of its great metropolises bears his name, which is captivating for its infinite points of interest and its extreme sumptuousness. More and more tourists, from different parts of the world, choose this particular destination to spend an exclusive, interesting and enjoyable leisure time.

This is situated at the Corniche Breakwater; the fact is that the Emirates Heritage Club that is also called as EHC runs in a traditional village rebuilt to demonstrate the living standards and the norms and culture of the native cultures of the Arabic areas. Have you ever thought what Abu Dhabi was an an earlier time, prior to the time the oil was found and then it malformed hooked on an area that was extremely wealthy and expensive, the answer will come to you ahead.

What you need to do is that you must the place that is the open-air museum before it is hot outside, as everyone knows that the weather here is hot enough to sustain. Local artisans carry out traditional carpentry, ceramics, revolving and intertwining workshops. The conventional mosque is far from the white marble palace Mosque that belongs to the Sheikh Zayed Grand which shows to what extent the UAE encompass to arrive. Also, you must stop by and approach the gift shop, you can pick up herbs, spices, and items prepared by local artisans.

Emirates Heritage Club Village is one of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi. The city has numerous and varied attractions to be discovered, which at each step reveal the richness of the Arab culture and its heritage. In a visit to this destination, it is recommended, first of all, to make a city tour, visiting the magnificent Jumeirah mosque, the modern palaces scattered along the coast and the old houses with wind towers built by the rich merchants. Also nearby is Fort Al Fahidi, 150 years old. There, the Dubai Museum records the past of the place as a center for trade and pearl collection. The Islamic art center Miraj, the Al-Ahmadiya school – one of the oldest educational institutions – and the Sahara Gate, a traditional Arab house built by rich merchants, complete the offer of safety pins.

Luxury and contrasts:

Another lovely option is to taste a typical dinner sailing on board a dhow (traditional wooden boat) through the cove, in the light of the moon. From there you can see a surprising view of the city, particularly for its exquisite combination of classic and modern: examples of the new architecture – such as the National Bank of Dubai and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – lie next to the house of Sheikh Saeed, the birthplace of Sheikh Rashid, or the Heritage Village, witnesses of past eras. There are many options and other alternatives are Al Ain, a city oasis; Ras Al Khaimah, a town of great patrimonial value; the emirates Sharjah and Ajman, which make up an intriguing cultural tour; among others.

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