National Museum Saudi Arabia

Are you planning a trip to museum in Riyadh? At Riyadh travel guide we want to help you plan that dream trip to the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, and that’s why we gather all the information for your convenience. It is located in the neighborhoods of Al-Murabba and Al-Fatah, near the popular district of Batha. Build your travel plan and do not forget to visit National Museum of Saudi Arabia, a unique place representative of this destination. Our experts offer the most complete continuously updated information so that you do not leave National Museum of Saudi Arabia in National Museum of Saudi Arabia for the last moment.

The entrance fee is only 10 riyals (about two and a half euros) for adults, and is free for students and children. Open from 12 am to 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday, since the first hours of the morning are reserved for school visits; On Fridays, the hours are from 4 pm to 8 pm and on Saturdays, from 8 am to 8 pm. The museum and the King Abdulaziz Historical Center are inside a garden area, very pleasant to walk and get out a bit of the jungle of asphalt and works (there are works everywhere because of the construction of the subway) which is Riyadh.

As each trip is different, the objective of Riyadh travel guide to offer you the widest information about the options of travel services in each destination and always with unique discounts. Find on our site hotel promotions and cheap flights in one place, compare each one from your home with a few clicks and schedule the trip with the most popular attractions. You can know what to see in National Museum of Saudi Arabia, due to the information about attractions and the rides that you should not miss. See how we renew each day so that you can assemble that personalized itinerary to the National Museum of Saudi Arabia easily and quickly. You have the possibility to know in advance what are all the points of interest that you should not miss on your route, besides the offers at attractions and the hotels near them.

Turn every minute of your trip into an unforgettable experience. With Riyadh, travel guide we want to be the ones to inspire your next trip by offering you the best recommendations for you to add National Museum of Saudi Arabia in National Museum of Saudi Arabia to your travel schedule. Even so, the museum is the best places in Riyadh get an idea of the history of Saudi Arabia, and learn a little more about Islam, the Arabic language and the customs and customs of the country. The different rooms of the museum are organized by themes and chronological periods:

  • The human being and the universe.
  • The Arab kingdoms.
  • The pre-Islamic era.
  • The room of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
  • The hall of Islam and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The hall of the first Saudi State and of the second Saudi State.
  • The room of the unification of the Kingdom.
  • The pilgrimage hall and the two sacred mosques.

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