Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Great Sheikh Zayed Mosque- Abu Dhabi mosque: When architecture was devoted to beauty

Our entrance today takes us to the Arabian desert, the most extensive and wealthy member of the United Arab Emirates, bathed by the calm waters of the Persian Gulf, bordering the Northeast with Dubai. These barren lands inhabited by men since the third millennium BC have hardly changed over the centuries, basing their economy on nomadic farming and fishing, the breeding of camels or the production of dates in the oases, until the appearance of black gold in the mid-twentieth century. On August 6, 1966, Sheikh Zayed became the new Emir of these lands with the intention of transforming the immense oil wealth into development, allowing the petrodollars to turn the traditional mud houses into banks, boutiques and skyscrapers. There are many things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Visiting the great Sheikh Zayed mosque is a must if you step on Abu Dhabi. In fact, we dare to say that it is if you visit the Arab Emirates, as many tourists are moving from Dubai just to see this impressive construction. Keep reading if you want to know its history, how to get to the Sheikh Zayed mosque and some tips to visit it.

Already in 1995, a project of colossal proportions was launched by the leader who was a Sheikh; he was the 1st president of the UAE. It is a mosque whose beauty and solemnity will integrate an entire national symbol, representing the opening to the world of Islam. Sheikh Zayed died in 2004, three years before construction was completed, although his son, decided that the name of this immense temple would honor his father and founder. This way, to impress, is the biggest mosque in the whole country. It has a capacity of more than 40,000 people! Its construction ended in 2007, although the project was raised more than 50 years ago by the first president of the UAE. The name of the mosque precisely honors this man, who died in 2004. The first ceremony that took place in the Sheikh Zayed mosque was his funeral, in fact, his remains are still there.

But it does not only impress how big it is. The combination of marble with gold and floral prints creates beautiful scenery. Inside the mosque, there are very valuable pieces, such as the largest handmade rug in the world or 12-ton lamps made of Swarovski. The exterior is also very worthwhile, around the mosque there are reflective pools so beautiful day and night. When it starts to get dark, the mosque has a very special lighting system in which it reflects the lunar phases. The bluish tones of the lights change every day according to the lunar cycle. There are countless places to visit in Abu Dhabi and the supreme one is Sheikh Zayed mosque that is free.

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