Damascus Travel Guide

As the Islam began to rise from the virtuous land of Arab, it started to strengthen its roots all over the Muslim Continent. Time to Time Islam has been spread over the Arab and nearby countries by the Man of Islam, the Last Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his companions. Damascus has a long religious history because at the time of the advent of Islam Damascus was served as a trading spot also for the people of Arab.

Although, Damascus is the capital of Syria and the second largest city after Aleppo Syria. Damascus population is almost 2 million people who are living here that includes Muslims, Jews, and Christians in major quantity. Damascus city is near the border of Jordan because it is located in Southwest side of Syria. For the sake of visiting and touring, it has two parts, the largest part hasn’t must attention of visitors because it contains a bit of hustle of traffics whereas the old city part is a great spot to explore for the tourists. According to the Damascus map, you will see Medina which is a souq and a colorful place to see and the great Umayyad Mosque of Damascus is the centerpiece while the old city has few quarters. Damascus history has very interesting turns, it has been ruled by various dynasties. Due to some critical political scenarios, Damascus today has been little destructed, millions of people have been killed that is Damascus Syria current news but nevertheless Damascus deserves little tourist attention to discover more about the cultural highlights of this priceless country Syria.

Sight-Seeing Spots in Damascus

Damascus Syria is the capital of Syria and concluded as the largest city of the Syrian Republic. Before traveling Damascus most of the people think “is Damascus safe?” Damascus tourism is safe for the tourists. Entire Syria is beautifully safe but only some parts of Syria is being destructed by ISIS included Damascus countryside. It is better to travel with a guide to not get lost otherwise it could be dangerous for you.

Damascus travel guide has many tourist places in Syria to enjoy as well as a bunch of rich cultures, mouth-watering Syrian Cuisines, and a never ending ancient tradition. You will feel a pretty nice fragrance of historical past from the land of Damascus that will let you dive into the early period with a rich heritage of an Arabic land. Damascus Syria has everything to please its visitors from the spectacular architecture to the Syrian Mosque showing arts and history of Syrians. National museum of Damascus and Umayyad Mosque is the most visited attraction of Syria.

  • The Old City
  • SAladin Mausoleum
  • The Citadel
  • The Al Azem Palace
  • The Army museum
  • National Center of VIsual arts

Nightlife in Damascus

Nightlife in Damascus Syria is pretty intense for the tourist. One of the best night activity is to stop at the cafe after the shopping at Souq Al-Hamdiyah to enjoy by smoking water pipe and play indoor games such as backgammon. Although it is the most common night activity, the people of Damascus likes to go to Al Nofara Cafe which is the oldest cafe of Damascus just right beside the Eastern Gate of Ummayad Mosque usually filled with noises and chatter music. Wherever, many bars in Damascus but Al-Nofara is the coolest place to enjoy nightlife because it has a traditional interior and theme of place that takes you back to the hundred years ago and a storyteller who shares ancient tales about Syria.

The people of Damascus also love to head towards the Mount Qassioun to watch the glamouring City Lights. Barcode nightclub Syria is one of the most rated nightclubs in Damascus.

  • Zodiac
  • Trottoir Lounge
  • AZAL Bar and terrace
  • Elite Plaza
  • O Eleven Lounge
  • Picasso

Travelling and Transportation

What kind of transportation does Syria have? Necessarily to know about the traveling and types of transportation in Syria. Most of the Syrians Prefer Local Taxi that is cheap and quick and it easily drops you at the roadside safely. The Local Taxi is identified with a yellow label at the top. For the tourist, this is for to increase their knowledge about Syrians Taxi that all the Taxi drivers have the license and the meter, so make sure to let him know about the switching on the meter before the ride. Other than Taxi, Car rental is another possibility for the locals and tourists in Damascus Syria. Many international companies for car rental is working in Damascus such as Budget, Hertz, Sixt, and Europcar and many local agencies also to provide you the most competitive rates.

Damascus Syria also has the railway network and buses system that is quite modern and comfortable now. It is easy for the people to travel to the Damascus Airport to the location nearby in Malibu or in private coaches with great ease.

Travel Budget

Life in Damascus 2018 isn’t much high nor the cheap but rates are average than other luxurious countries of the Middle East. It’s quite possible to visit Damascus Syria in a very smart budget like only $15 USD per day which include almost everything. You can exchange 1 USD to 46 Syrians Pounds. The procedure of Syria tourist visa has got a bit change now the visitors are now able to get their single-entry visa at the border also but it is best to get your Syrian visa from the Syrian Embassy in your country. The Meal in the inexpensive restaurant will cost you $3.50 meanwhile a water bottle of 0.33 liter will cost $0.29. The fruit rates in Syria is starting from $1.76 to $0.36 per Kg. The apartment’s rates are according to the number of bedrooms and position of the plot whether inside city center or outside starting from 100.33$.

Food and Restaurants

A trip to Damascus rises question that what to do in Damascus. Damascus is the oldest living civilization that contains a vast historical aspect and great enjoyment. The Syrians mostly use Eggplant, olives, Garlic, meat and all the vegetables. Although, the restaurants in Damascus Syria also serves Syrian Cuisine the most which include Naranj Damascus and Damascus Maryland restaurant. The people of Syria love “Meze” as an appetizer before the main meal being served by Arabic Bread. Meze includes more delicious sauces like Hummus and Olives. Believe Me! Damascus serves you the most delicious taste of Middle East that you would never deny. You can get a list with a number of restaurants at Damascus hotels TripAdvisor but for your ease, I am mentioning some basic names of familiar restaurants here serving mouthwatering delicious food for all.

  • The Music Café
  • Hornet’s Nest Grill
  • Tokyo Fire
  • Newyork J&P Pizza
  • Ledo Pizza
  • Subway
  • Mythos Mediterranean Grill

Fun and Adventure

Fun and adventure is the great part of every trip and I think that the whole trip is incomplete if you do not have fun and adventure of that certain destination. It boosts the mental health as well as physical health when a person enjoys with the people around and mix with the environment. Just Plan a day with your Family to go for Damascus Va trails including Virginia Creeper Trail, Appalachian Trail, Iron Mountain Trail and Damascus Va bicycle adventures that will give you pleasure and a perfect family fun frame for the lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your bicycles, Joggers, water bottles and Camera to get ready for the great adventure Damascus.

Luxury living in Damascus

When anybody reaches Damascus, the very first thing he thinks about the modern comfort in a foreign land with spacious accommodations in the smart budget. As Syria is known as one of the ancient inhabited capital of the world so, in my perceptions I think it is important for every visitor to get fully enjoyed with all the luxuries Syria has including morning swimming in heated pool, a relaxing massage at Spa, Dinner at luxurious international restaurant and playing sports at games club. Apart from the Modern living, the tourists could also choose their lifestyle for traditional Syrian houses.

As we all know, the war has been continuing for many years so I can’t say anything confirm about the Damascus Reputation, in fact you will have everything you need as a visitor in luxurious hotels and resorts but to know completely about the Syrian’s situation I suggest you a book by Diana Darke named “My house in Damascus: an inside view of the Syrian revolution”. I hope you would find a complete information and get acknowledged about the Civil war in Syria and luxury living in Damascus.

Markets in Damascus

Syria has a lively culture and a vibrant tradition that is shining through the markets in the ancient city of Damascus Syria. While, Syria attracts so many visitors for it’s never dying historical monumental beauty and Syria Damascus old city’s market. Exploring the markets, being marked on the Damascus map is one of the most likely experience for the tourists. Damascus has many markets but the tourists love to go more at Souq Al Hamidiyeh which is situated in the western sector of the old city. You can find a wide range of products in this big bazaar of Syria. I wish you all would have a happy journey.

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