Antalya Travel Guide

Do you want to discover the pearl city of Turkey? Then you must want to go to the city of Antalya Turkey in this upcoming holidays. This amazing pearl of the Mediterranean region of Turkey will be found by you as one of the most charming city in entire Turkey located right on Antalya Körfezi (the Gulf of Turkey). It is the largest Antalya province on the western Mediterranean coastline and has been one of the most favorite tourist destination in the whole world that everybody wants to come and feel happy to become a part of this magical city with something bigger to enjoy at Antalya turkey point of interest.

After Land a flight at Antalya safely, on the beautiful Antalya turkey airport, you will have a wonderful Antalya turkey weather on the very first expression because of the Turkish Riviera (turquoise coast). If you are new to spend Antalya turkey holidays at Turkey then you must have an Antalya turkey map along with you for your whole journey as it will help you to find out Antalya Turkey hotels and other fun spots easily.

This city is classically beautiful and also a modernly stylish. Beyond the wide boundaries of the city, you will discover a huge panel of history associated with Ottoman Empire and a great natural lifestyle of the natives with a lot of peerless experiences.

Sight-Seeing Spots in Antalya

Let’s book your tickets for Antalya attractions and get ready for a huge adventure you will going to do in Antalya Turkey with a different experience. Although, this part of Turkey was officially built by the Greek in the classical period so that you can still find out the remains of Greek influences in the classic architecture and aqueducts for what Greeks was well known throughout the history. While excursion in Antalya, you would have a lot of opportunities to get connected with the classical history and to discover Antalya secret places. We welcome you in Antalya to see the best place in Antalya and also have a lot of activities, fun in shopping in Antalya and the things to do in Antalya in the night.

  • Antalya Museum
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Myra ruins
  • Ataturk House and Museum
  • Antalya Old Town (Kaleici)
  • Manavgat Waterfalls
  • Aspendos Ruins and Theater
  • Kekova Island

Nightlife in Antalya

Nightlife in Antalya is one of the main reasons for the tourist to come to Antalya and enjoy all the Antalya nightlife attractions. Many of the people in Antalya, both locals and visitors, get a party at Ally’s as their first preference because it contains a lot of party things to do in Antalya at night. But on the other side, you will also find Club 29 Antalya as a great dancing venue for the best nightlife in Antalya as well as a best dine in for the evening also. Nightlife in Lara beach Antalya has also a wide range of nightclubs, bars, and pubs for late night parties and events.

  • Soho Nightclub Antalya
  • Club inferno
  • Lara Olivia Disco
  • Aura Club kemer
  • Soho sensation bar
  • Mention Club
  • Sebastian Club Antalya
  • Taverna Antalya nightclub

Travelling and Transportation

Travelling and transportation in Antalya are so easy for the tourists as well as for the locals also. One of the most familiar Antalya transport is Dolmus Antalya that is the easiest way to travel between cities easily. From the Antalya Airport, by following the Antalya public transport map you can get to know the Antalya Dolmus routes and can reach your desired destination that is any hotel or apartment to stay. To have the bus map you have an option to download Antalya public transport app or you can download Antalya bus map pdf from the internet for your ease. Use Antalya bus cards while having a bus from Lara beach to Antalya.

Travel Budget

Do you want to make an excursion around turkey on a budget? Then budget your trip smartly according to the duration of your trip how much money you will need to spend for the whole tour, it will depend upon the food and drink prices in Turkey that will cost you almost $16 per day and other expenditures. The Local Transport would be for $0.66 for one way, the Gasoline will cost you $1.38 for a liter, the cost of beer in Antalya Turkey will be for $2.55 and an imported one will be for $3.57. The market items such as vegetables, meat, rice, and milk will cost you up to $22 to $25.

Food and Restaurants

Antalya food prices aren’t much expensive for the tourists but yes it depends upon the quality of food you are taking in, like sometimes the status of the restaurant matters and yes it effects on the price list, the higher the restaurant will the higher the prices will. But there are a plenty best Antalya restaurants featuring Antalya famous food of different taste and types. Although, Antalya is a modern city you can still find halal food in Antalya easily at any restaurant. Restaurants in Antalya old town is a great spot to enjoy and taste traditional food of Antalya.

  • vanilla restaurant in Antalya
  • Antalya restaurant London
  • Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Club Arma Restaurant
  • 7 Mehmet
  • Gazette Brasserie & Bar
  • Ship Inn Marina Restaurant
  • Rokka food
  • Ramiz Grill House
  • Antalya Balık Evi
  • Castle Brasserie

Fun and Adventure

Did you ever enjoy the beach activities in Antalya? It is the best fun activity you could have while excursion in Antalya, believe me! To plan a tour you can be up to date for what’s happening in Antalya through the daily newsletters and contents on the internet, I think this will help you to get to know about the things to do in Antalya for family and other activities in Antalya.
The great fun at Antalya is a wonderful opportunity for you to challenge yourself for rafting in Antalya through the waves of whitewater by admiring the beautiful scenery of Taurus Mtn. and the spectacular view of the whole beautiful national park. Isn’t it a fun in getting wet and breaking the waves for ultimate surfing.
You can have a weekend adventure in Antalya Turkey by enjoying a cocktail in the town on Friday evening, road trip to the mountain on Saturday morning and waterfall joy at the Saturday afternoon and a perfect spectacular sunset at Saturday evening.

  • Mermerli beach
  • Belek Fun Park
  • Eco Fun adventure park
  • Kaputas Beach
  • Gloria Golf Club
  • Antalya zoo
  • Fortune adventure
  • Kepez Adventure Park

Luxury living in Antalya

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey is the reason that why Antalya is known as the center of excellence. Although, the projects for estate agencies in certain regions are playing a better role to improve the modern lifestyle of Antalya Turkey with luxury eco-friendly spots. The luxurious Antalya apartments for sale and hotels extents the living opportunities and sold at reasonable rates according to the pocket of a visitor or any local to value the tourism market and to make the capital growth strong.

Apartments in Turkey for sale are of many types it depends upon you to select 1 bedroom apartment or two. To find cheap apartments in Antalya Turkey go up to real estate websites to book luxury villas in Antalya. 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Antalya is for $400 per month, so to rent an apartment in Antalya monthly contact the real estate. Any villa to rent in Antalya with a private pool would cost you $130 per night. Make your tour worth by booking the cheap apartments in Antalya turkey to enjoy the luxury of the wonderful city.

Bazaar in Antalya

All you need to know about the Antalya market by visiting Old bazaar Antalya. A great way to get to know about the old market culture of Antalya and to buy traditional stuff as a memory of your tour. Antalya street markets are the best place to get the real taste the culture of Antalya Turkey. The shops, food stalls, stores and the overall sights around the market give a truly wonderful feeling that you could want to spend long hours there. You can buy anything from the branded clothes to the fresh fruits from the stalls. Moreover, to eat at the side of the street is the best adventure you can always have while visiting Antalya. Antalya bazaar days are quite busy and have a lot of hustle n bustle that you may find difficulty sometime but for a free and easy shopping to go to Antalya market Saturday to buy selective items quietly.

As a tourist, Antalya bazaar location on an online map will help you the most to locate the exact bazaar Antalya address. You can check on the internet further to get to know about the exact Antalya bazaar opening hours in the Antalya market days. We wish you a happy tour!

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