Izmir Travel Guide

Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city which is known as the liberal and deeply cultured that has many things to explore about. Since Izmir is a sunshine and the frontier city of Turkey and surrounded by beautiful garlanded azure bay situated on the edge of Turkey. Izmir is famous for being rich in olives, figs, grapes and a natural heritage with the fresh and organic landscape which is the best part of the Izmir Turkey. In the historical aspects, Izmir is one of the evergreen cities of Turkey having 8,500 years of history as it has been a Greek city of Smyrna in past centuries.

Izmir Turkey provides many ways to its visitors to come and enjoy at Izmir Turkey beach in the wonderful Izmir Turkey weather and at other Izmir points of interest that you can easily find on Izmir Turkey map. For the visitors, there are many Izmir Turkey hotels to stay near the Izmir Turkey airport so that you couldn’t have much hassle to reach the hotel from the airport after a long flight. You can also use Izmir Turkey airport code for best services.

Sight-Seeing Spots in Izmir

Is Izmir worth visiting? What can you say about the certain opinion? Is Izmir really is? Well, surely Izmir is one of the best tourist destinations of Turkey to spend hassle-free Izmir Turkey holidays at. Izmir is one of the vibrant historical city of Turkey and contains so many historical spots such as monuments, mosques and other points to explore. Izmir is actually a home for many friends and family Izmir point of interests that makes Izmir the best tourist destination for everyone. It is interesting to roaming around Izmir all through the time to enjoy every of its attraction around Izmir. Here is a perfect combo to spend your Izmir Turkey Holidays browsing the boulevards, walking along the glamorous seafront of Izmir Turkey beach, staying in luxurious Izmir Turkey hotels and looking forward towards what to buy in Izmir. Let’s have a short Izmir review to get to know about more sight-seeing spots in Izmir.

  • Izmir Clock Tower
  • Asansör Izmir
  • Izmir Atatürk Museum
  • Ahmet Piriştina Kent Arşivi ve Müzesi
  • Konak Square
  • Hisar Mosque
  • Arkas Art Center
  • Ataturk Monument

Nightlife in Izmir

Do you know? Izmir is famed for its stunning nightlife because of its offers a world-class night pubs, top clubs, famous bars and an alternative seaside party scene, the trendy night outs at the center of the city and much more.

As the day goes to sleep and night awakes, the glamming city of Izmir shifts to another beat and the nightlife comes alive to the sound of music and dance. A great evening of Music, party, dance, alcohol, and comedy turns on with a plenty of things to do in Izmir at night.  Izmir nightclubs are best known for a variety of alcoholic drinks and a musical Izmir nightlife and entertainment. Well, you will not find best nightclub in Izmir at streets or main roads only but on the Izmir beach too that are among the amazing places to visit in Izmir.

  • club moskva izmir
  • Sirenna
  • Brodway nightclub
  • Dungeon
  • Club En Velo
  • Diamond nightclub
  • Malt Irish Pub

Travelling and Transportation

Travelling and transportation in Izmir Turkey are as easy as in other international countries. Like other countries, Izmir also has a well-settled public transportation in Izmir to travel from one place to another with no hassle. Keep following Izmir transportation map to be up to date with the timings at Izmir bus station. If you don’t know the routes you don’t have any need to worry about it because you will have an Izmir bus map or Izmir ferry map depending upon what kind of Izmir public transport you are using. You can further use Izmir metro for easy and quick reaching at the particular spot in Izmir, just all you need not worry about the common transportation issue as you have many options to make a way from. Good Luck!

Travel Budget

How much money to bring to turkey for a week? Do you have any idea about the certain question? In order to roam around the Izmir, you will need a smart amount of money to do your purpose for that planning a Turkey trip budget before going to the Izmir would help you to get out of the certain case on the very end time. How much does a trip to Istanbul cost? It will be up to $48 Istanbul budget per day. The food and drink prices in turkey will cost you almost $17 including wine and drink. The housing in Izmir will cost almost $502 for a furnished home in an expensive area for rent. The gasoline rates are $1.37 per liter and the cost of rent a car is depended upon what kind of car you choose and for how much days.

Food and Restaurants

Food is the best part of the tour, as we know that every next person comes out to be a foodie and want to taste different delicious cuisines of various countries, especially the tourists. So, visiting Izmir Turkey can be one of the golden chance for you to taste the traditional Izmir food at the local streets of Turkey or at a luxurious five-star hotel. Izmir streets have long plenty of high eatery points and also many of the Izmir food spots just like Café la Cigale Izmir has been introducing the cooler way of serving the food, too. No matter, what you would like either high-up or high-end or pop-in or pop-up, Izmir has always something excited for every person. Here is the list of some of the best restaurants in the streets and the around the Izmir.

  • Izmir restaurant London
  • Aquarium restaurant Ozmir
  • Deniz restaurant Izmir
  • 360 Izmir
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik
  • Gozlemecim
  • Cumba Izmir
  • Pizza Locale

Fun and Adventure

Whenever you heard the word Fun and adventure, an awesome visual of a long weekend holiday at the beautiful Izmir turkey beach comes in your mind for a moment that contains a lot of holiday features including outdoor activities such as beach party, surfing, water-skiing, beach games, volleyball and other beach sports. This is an awesome opportunity for you to hang out with your best bunch of people and crazy friends for the Top 5 things to do in Izmir and to enjoy Izmir nightlife. In Izmir, You can make new friends, as questions, share your experience with the native of Izmir and have fun with them enjoying the things to do in Izmir at night. If you are a fun seeker and love the fun and adventure then you shouldn’t miss the tour to Izmir to explore more of it.

  • Hierapolis-Pamukkale Izmir, best for things to do in izmir in winter
  • Izmir village of Şirince
  • Savour Turkish Coffee
  • Bergama Back Streets
  • Ephesus

Luxury living in Izmir

Turkey has Izmir as a large province, situated in the Aegean area and referred as one of the most cosmopolitan holiday destinations. Although, this modern city hosts many residential areas and luxurious holiday resorts including the Euphoria Aegean Resort & Spa and Hilton Izmir that have been the most favorite places for the international tourists and visitors as well as for the Turkish visitors too.

If you are in search of a luxurious apartment with a smart budget or a stunning home located in residential areas in Bornova at the side of the City center, it would cost you £93,463. A relaxing seaside lifestyle apartment will cost you £492,481 for sale and renting prices depend upon per apartment.

The rates of the apartments and the houses vary along with the area and how luxury it is for each home that affords. You can find lowest rental prices in the residential areas while in Cesme resort in Izmir you will find the highest rental and selling prices because almost most of the houses in the particular area offers a stunning sea view.

Market Places in Izmir

Bazaar in Izmir Marketplaces is one of the top things to do in Izmir that is an enclosed marketplace or a street full of stalls and shops from where you can get everything you want whether related to the culture of Izmir or normal goods. Among of the topmost bazaars, Izmir has Kemeralti bazaar Izmir on the top of the head that is usually a great and a busy bazaar throughout Turkey. Before going to Kemeralti, if you are a visitor then you must have a Kemeralti market Izmir map to follow the right direction of you. Kemeralti Izmir is the oldest bazaar of Izmir and it has the most remarkable landmarks of Ottoman Empire.

Previously, it was the building of Hisar Mosque in 1592 but after a time it was converted as a marketplace for the regular people and the international visitors. Kemeralti bazaar opening hours are very simple but in fact, it is the busiest place so you would have to set a particular time to go there in order to avoid the hassle.


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