Fujairah Travel Guide

Fujairah may be, could be a lesser known destination for tourism but, nevertheless, there are so many things you should never miss in Fujairah. There is only an hour driving distance from Fujairah to Dubai and almost two and a half hour driving distance from the UAE capital. It is a city that lies along the Oman Gulf, located on the East coast, according to the Fujairah map, of the Stunning United Arab Emirates. Fujairah is familiar with its glamming beaches and Spectacular Mountainous Scenery of the Hajar Mountains that are the true beauty of United Arab Emirates.

The Mountains of the Fujairah have received a greater attention from the tourists who love rock climbing, hiking, and mountainous adventures for outdoor fun. People who are active in the exploration of new destinations and love to discover about new things are a great target group for the Fujairah Tourism because you people can have a great fun in Wadi’s exploration in Fujairah Mountains.

Besides the fun in the Mountains, Fujairah beaches are another part of the beauty of the UAE because it is the Only Emirate that is located in the Indian Ocean. During summer, the Beaches of Fujairah get a greater attention from the tourists who come to spend a relaxing and adventurous holiday trip in Fujairah while staying in Fujairah UAE hotels nearby or personal apartments.

Sight-Seeing Spots in Fujairah

The Fujairah city is full of beauty and few but the great point of interests and Fujairah hotels. A jagged line of the Hajar Mountains separated the Fujairah from the rest of the United Arab Emirates, as the city also has a grid pattern of high-rise office blocks and contains some of the most attracted historic attractions including Fujairah Fort and the Al Bidyah Mosque. For most of the tourists, Fujairah actually is a relaxing spot after a bustle trip to Dubai as it draws a perfect weekend with the Glamming best beaches in Fujairah. The coastline along the Indian Ocean is best for the Scuba diving and the sunbathing. Although, the city of Fujairah is a great source for exploration the Wadis in Fujairah and other bbq spots in Fujairah that you could enjoy in your Fujairah tour.

  • Fujairah Fort
  • Wadi Wuraiyah
  • Khor Kaffan Beach
  • Fujairah Museum
  • Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Masafi Fort

Nightlife in Fujairah

Fujairah nightlife and entertainment is scorching. On weekend nights, when a perfect evening draws a perfect nightlife attraction and a golden moment to meet new people from local as well as international people. In some of the best nightclub in Fujairah, you may find both the local or national artists playing a wide range of stunning music of a different genres, prostitutes in Fujairah and a rock disco in Fujairah. The people who have different taste for a spectacular nightlife, a number of South Indian nightclub in Fujairah can be found. If you are a tourist and want a relaxing nightlife apart from the bustling nightlife of Dubai should head towards the Fujairah bar clubs and Dance bars in Fujairah mentioned below.

  • McGettigan’s Fujairah
  • Fujairah international Marine Club
  • Joe’s sports bar
  • Bar Muda
  • Ratsky

Travelling and Transportation

There are so many options for traveling around the Fujairah that you can choose to plan your trip ahead. To reach from Fujairah to Sharjah by bus or by car, you will cover the distance about 50 km along the national road. Although in Fujairah public transport, the bus service is not regular as in Dubai, You cannot expect to be at bus stops in Fujairah to travel around this coastal region in a bus, but yeah you can keep the Fujairah to Sharjah bus timing to travel to another Emirate. Whereas the taxis are cheap according to the Fujairah transport corporation. According to the Fujairah Transport authority, Fujairah busses can be easily available by RTA bus schedule, so you could find Fujairah to khorfakkan bus with ease.

Travel Budget

Fujairah isn’t much expensive like the Dubai. You have to think twice that how much money should I take to Dubai for a week to calculate the Average spending Dubai but, in Fujairah you need half of the amount of Dubai trip cost per person. Yes, the spending in Fujairah will be less than spending money Dubai per day. A full day meal for two persons in the average restaurant will cost $27.23, and then a domestic beer will cost $6.81. Local transport will cost $2.27 and Gasoline will cost you $51 per liter. The Basic monthly Utility will cost $117.34.

Food and Restaurants

Imagine a wonderful evening of a very special day with a private candlelit dinner party for two people on the sparkling golden sand, watching the sunset together over the Indian Ocean of Fujairah. Isn’t it relaxing? Or a family meal at the beach while the kids are feeling happy with a wow children menu and fun games by the beach; it is one of the best things in Fujairah that you can find a number of seafood restaurants in Fujairah along the beachside. The food places in Fujairah are trendy and offer a wonderful dining experience that suits every event. Pick up one of your favorite menu of your favorite restaurant and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea, the gardens, and the pools. Fujairah contains a number of different types of restaurants to unwind and catch the beautiful moment and having the taste of Fujairah, it includes Arabic restaurant in Fujairah, Restaurant in Fujairah Zomato, Restaurant in Al aqah Fujairah, st seafood restaurant in Fujairah, a Lebanese restaurant in Fujairah etc.

  • China Garden restaurant
  • Waves Beach Restaurant
  • Le Meridien Al Aqah Resort
  • Mozaique Restaurant
  • Othmani Turkish Restaurant

Fun and Adventure

If you are a fan of night photography then the view of the city at night and the mosque will surprise you by the glamour of the high-rise buildings and the city lights. But it a surprising fact is this that the city is quite calm and laid back that is exactly what you all needed after a tiring week of your job. Apart from photography, there are many things to do in Fujairah. Just catch a Camel as you will be in a desert country so it is a fun that you should never miss during your Fujairah day trip.

Make full of your trip by spending a day on Fujairah Khorkaffan beach. Here is a free suggestion for you to book your resort at beachside just like Fujairah Rotana to enjoy a Gastronomic adventure, a relaxing body massage, walking alongside the beach and watching the beauty of Hajjar Mountains. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure then Snorkeling in Fujairah and scuba diving are the best options for you. ­­­

Luxury living in Fujairah

Indeed, The United Arab Emirate has seven spectacular emirates, each of them has a notable identity. Although, In UAE only Abu Dhabi and Dubai have the fame and most of the tourists are attracted to these two emirates while the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman or Fujairah etc are not so well known around the world like Abu Dhabi and Dubai that contains a highly luxurious lifestyle. But in Fujairah, as it is also a part of the UAE, has all the luxurious villas with all the amenities such as swimming pool, gym, parks, garages and wonderful sea views from the balcony.

The city of Fujairah is so limited in luxuries but hence it is also a spot for shopping lovers and commercial centers with designer’s brand. One can enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the modern Fujairah with a majestic view of Hajar mountains on the west and the stunning Indian Ocean on the east. 4 room bedroom for sale will be for AED 11,752,000. A luxurious apartment for sale will be for AED 587,000 and for renting a villa you will cost AED 65,000 per month.

Bazaar in Fujairah

Bazaars are the real taste of the tradition of the certain destination. In the case of the Fujairah, if you want to see the traditional markets of the Fujairah then you will surely stop by the Friday market Fujairah that is known as Souq al Juma in UAE language. Although, the market contains everything to eat like snacks, the coconut drink, and a variety of the stuff to buy, side by side you can find out the best carpets in the UAE at Masafi carpet market in such reasonable price.

On Friday, the market is being the busiest place because not only locals, the tourists are also there to shop different items. Masafi Market Fujairah is one of the biggest bazaars of Fujairah as it consists Fujairah carpet market and Fujairah fruit market that has a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetable and colorful beautiful plants. You can also shop Omani sweets, terracotta handmade pottery, and other household items.

As a tourist, it is very important for you to follow the masafi Friday market location with the help of a guide or through the Google map and get yourself updated with the exact masafi Friday market timings to avoid the bustle. Stay blessed!

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